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The pleasure of using a WEIHRAUCH air rifle

Thanks to the European Union, Weihrauch rifles starting to reach the rest of the European countries. Rifles that have nothing to do with the old conceps that we all have of the spring rifles. To the inexperienced eyes they might seem just like another spring carbine, but that is only to the inexpert eyes. In popular knowledgespring rifles have poor precision and low power, but that is an old-fashioned concept for weihrauch air rifles. They are carbines that break the roules, robust stocks, solid and tilting barrels, powers comparable to PCP rifles and outstanding precision with a range that surprise everyone.

What is a LMBR chronograph for?

The chronographs are used to check constancy of the speed in our guns in such a way that if the readings are similar and with few variations you will be able to see that your gun works correctly. The chronographs are also used to know which pellet works better with our gun and with which we can reach a better consistency or with which we can reach the power we are looking for. A chronograph is an indispensable tool for any fan, otherwise we will be blind when we are regulating our guns. In terms of firearms, the chronograph is also useful to know if we have reloaded well our ammunition and we can check if the ammunition are between  the legal parameters of a competition.



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