Aim systems for sports weapon

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Aim systems for sports weapon

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  • HAWKE Vantage Telescope for Shooting 20-60x60 HAWKE Vantage Telescope for Shooting 20-60x60
    HAWKE Telescope 20-60x60 - 169.95 € !!!

    Telescope to see the shots with zoom of 20-60 magnification x60 mm objective. Good quality manufacturing Do not buy low-priced optical devices, indicate plastic lenses, carved glass lenses are expensive to manufacture. It is delivered with an excellent quality carrying case and tripod included in the price - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

    165,25 €
  • Elevadores TESRO para carabina. Elevadores TESRO para carabina.
    Elevators TESRO for rifle.

    The TESRO lifts (complete set, front + rear) are offered in measurements: 18.0 mm high (matte black finish) 13,5 mm high (matte black finish)   8.8 mm high (matte natural aluminum finish)

    24,79 €
  • Círculos de puntería para túneles (TRANSPARENTES)
    Elements for foresight transparent

    Elements for foresight transparent

    12,40 €
  • Tubos anti-resplandor Gehmann Tubos anti-resplandor Gehmann
    Tubos anti-resplandor Gehmann

    Tubos Gehmann Ref. 556/25/35/50 para evitar el resplandor en los diópteros de las armas de alta competición. Se presentan en tres medidas: 25, 35 y 50 mm de longitud. Los tubos se pueden montar entre si y formar tubos de mayor longitud. Fabricación de Alta Calidad.

    10,74 €
  • Anillo soporte Gehmann 547 para tunel
    M.18 Element grip collar

    For use with 542, 546 & 546-R

    4,96 €

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