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 Target and Shooting Machines - GLOBAL SHIPMENTS 

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  • Figures Field Target
    METAL FIGURE for Field Target

    The sheet metal figure falls down when the pellet hits the sensitive area (yellow circle). With the rope it rises again from a distance. Resistant to shooting - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

    16,53 €
  • Support for target Gehmann Support for target Gehmann
    Target-Holder Gehmann 17X17

    The perfect target holder for Olympic targets of 17x17 cm (Olympic air pistol according to the ISSF standard). With internal damper to cancel the energy of the pellet once the impact occurs, avoiding rebounds and forcing the squished projectile to fall into the deposit for recovery of lead - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

    16,03 €
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  • Target holder Gehmann 10x10 Target holder Gehmann 10x10
    Out of stock
    Targets Holder Gehmann 10x10 ISSF

    Target holder special for mounting the air compressed carbine targets 10x10 cm - Olympic mode ISSF 10 meters air compressed carbine - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

    14,88 €
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  • Blancos Carabina Miras Cerradas 10x10 Blancos Carabina Miras Cerradas 10x10
    Out of stock
    Targets A.C. Rifle 10x10 cm (250 u.)

    Target 10x10 cm. manufactured according to ISSF rules - GLOBAL SHIPMENTS

    9,59 €
  • Blancos Pistola A.C. 17x17cm Blancos Pistola A.C. 17x17cm
    Out of stock
    ISSF Air Pistol Target 17x17cm (Pack of 100 units)

    Targets for 10 metres air compressed pistol size 17x17 cm. Approved by the ISSF. - GLOBAL SHIPMENTS

    5,79 €
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  • Parches para Tiro
    Patches for Shooting

    Made in Germany. Patches with 19 mm of diameter. Quantity: 1000 each pack They´re available in Black or White. High quality of manufatured.

    3,31 €

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