Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood
Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood
Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood
Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood
Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood
Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood
Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood
Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood

Weihrauch HW 77 Laminated Wood

To mount an optical sight on this rifle, use original Weihrauch/Dampa 4-bolt monobloc mounts with anti-vibration system and use original Weihrauch scopes, that way you can adjust the shot without problems, the lenses will not change and the scope will not move out of place or break. This is a true fact proven by armaayala.com in all Weihrauch spring rifles, from the smallest HW 30S to the powerful HW 90, all Weihrauch rifles work perfectly using these elements - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

  • 4,5 mm (.177)
  • 5,5 mm (.22)

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Weihrauch HW 77 (Made in Germany). Compressed air carbine by spring designed for precision shooting and hunting. The front sight is square and has no tunnel, perfect for precision shooting with open sights. The rear sight is adjustable in height and drifts with 4 different sight placed in a turn-by-turn system, the sight can be chosen to suit the user.

The fixed barrel with lever to mount under the barrel (acting as a double barrel) makes this carbine a weapon capable of making very closed clusters due to its excellent precision. The conical linear block closure makes the air pressure take advantage of 100%, there is no loss of compressed air during firing. The "double barrel" confers a certain air of a classic double barrel weapon to the whole making this rifle a weapon with high plastic beauty.

The adjustable Rekord trigger allows you to fine-tune the output weight to remove the shots without movement avoiding the triggers and facilitates grouping.

The weight of the weapon prevents oscillating movements during the aiming phase. A good face of it will make this carbine practically does not move while we focus the target

The recoil of the HW 77 is very controlled, it is not annoying.

The HW 77 is a very complete rifle, possibly the best rifle manufactured by the Weihrauch house regarding functionality in all shooting variables (from total accuracy at 50 meters to the entertainment shot at the challenging can) with the same price than other models that only contemplate a "modality" of shooting, we can say that the HW 77 is a true "all-terrain" of high quality pneumatic weapons, serves everything and serves very well.


  • Weihrauch fixed barrel with high precision fluted.
  • Trigger "Rekord" adjustable.
  • Cal. .177 or .22
  • Long barrel: 77 model: 470 mm / 77 K model: 370 mm
  • Power: between 18 and 22 joules (FAC) and between 15 and 16 joules (International). The power of the rifle changes a lot depending on the pellet used. You can choose the power when making the purchase through our electronic store.
  • Cylinder head in beech, ambidextrated with "fish scales" segregated in the front of the stock.
  • Automatic insurance between each shot.
  • Rear rise (with four uses) and square front metal sight for precision shooting.
  • The rear sight is located above the body of the weapon, approximately in the middle of the same and can even be modified by moving it through the guides where it is mounted (the same guides that are used to mount the optical scope), in any case this rear sight is located in a much more delayed position than that usually mounted on other rifle models that usually place the rear sights on top of the barrel chamber. The delayed placement of the sight provides a great advantage in precision shooting because the aiming distance is large and at a greater distance from a weapon with greater precision although it is a configuration with a slower focus but that is irrelevant for us because we are not talking about hunting shooting where speed is almost everything but precision shooting where speed does not usually matter too much, anyway, the face of the weapon is easy and the aim is very fast.
  • 11 mm guides for mounting optical aiming system.
  • Total length of the weapon: 1120 mm (HW 77)/ 1020 mm (HW 77K)
  • Weight: 4.10 Kg (HW 77)/4 Kg (HW 77K)

The price does not include accessories that are not specifically indicated as included in the price.


Premium RIFLE pellets of 0.540 grams

263.5 m/s ------ 18.74 joules

263.5m/s ------ 18.74"

263.6m/s ------ 18.77"

262.9m/s ------ 18.67"

260.9m/s ------ 18.38"

262.5m/s ------ 18.61"

Average Speed: 262.82 m/s - Average Energy: 18.65 joules

Superb chronography obtained with the HW 77 and these RIFLE pellets of 0.540 grams. It seems that it is a PCP rifle with a regulator but nothing is further from reality, it is a classic spring rifle. Enormous quality of this rifle to be able to achieve such a chronography with a spring.

In the tests carried out in the field, the accuracy of the HW 77 with pellets of this weight is excellent, the shots are grouped at 50 meters without much difficulty, I dare to say that it groups better than many basic PCPs on the market.

The tested rifle is stock, we have not fine-tuned the trigger and we have not adjusted or changed anything on it. As a scope we have mounted a Weihrauch 3-9x40P with original Weihrauch/DAMPA mounts, tightening all the screws of the assembly well.

We have also tested the Weihrauch MAGNUM pellets weighing 0.690 grams. The energy has gone up quite a bit, due to the increased weight and the chronography is also very good, it is this:

Weihrauch MAGNUM pellets of 0.690 grams

242.0 m/s ------ 20.21 joules

245.9m/s ------ 20.86"

243.9m/s ------ 20.53"


243.9m/s ------ 20.53"

246.9m/s ------ 21.04"

Average Speed: 244.6 m/s - Average Energy: 20.65 joules

With these pellets, the precision is very similar to that obtained with the other lighter pellets with the advantage of a greater weight that deflects less in the air and is more effective for small game actions. The speed is reduced due to the effect of weight but it is still acceptable, especially for a pellet as heavy as this one. The Weihrauch MAGNUM is one of the best pellets we know, it works well whenever we try it, in all rifles (Spring, GAS RAM or PCP) capable of giving more than 20 joules of energy as is the case. For lower energy rifles (15 - 16 joules) it is often too heavy.

The impact of the Magnum launched at 245 meters per second is devastating and its effects on different types of materials are surprising.

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