Weihrauch HW 97 KT INOX Black Line STL
Weihrauch HW 97 KT INOX Black Line STL
Weihrauch HW 97 KT INOX Black Line STL

Weihrauch HW 97 KT INOX Black Line STL

Weihrauch barrel 300 mm long INOX FINISH, striped, cal. .177 or .22, guides for mounting optical scopes, adjustable fine trigger, fixed barrel, separate mounting lever - WORDLWIDE SHIPPING

  • 4,5 mm (.177)
  • 5,5 mm (.22)

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Technical Data:

  • High quality barrel fixed
  • Rekord trigger full adjustable 
  • Synthetic thumbole stock
  • Automatic safe fo each shoot
  • Inox finised
  • Cal. .177" or .22"
  • Power: between 18 and 22 joules (FAC) and between 15 and 16 joules (International). The power of the rifle changes a lot depending on the pellet used. You can choose the power when making the purchase through our electronic store.
  • Perfect weigth balance
  • Total length of the gun : 1015 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg


JSB EXACT Cal. 4.52 mm - 0.547 gr

240m/s ------ 15.8 joules

240m/s ------ 15.8 joules

241 m/s ------ 16.0 joules

238 m/s ------ 15.6 joules

241 m/s ------ 15.9 joules

234 m/s ------ 15.0 joules

244 m/s ------ 16.3 joules

Average Speed: 239.71 m/s - Average Energy: 15.77 joules

Good consistency in velocity with very consistent power readings that keep the rifle within 16 joules. Very precise rifle and pellet for competition.

Pellets RIFLE Super Magnum Field Cal. 4.5 mm - 0.65 grams of weight

229 m/s ------ 17.0 joules

228 m/s ------ 16.8 joules

229 m/s ------ 17.0 joules

Average Speed: 228.67 m/s - Average Energy: 16.93 joules

The energy of the shot with this pellet increases due to the greater weight and although the speed readings decrease, they also become more constant, probably because this heavier pellet takes better the barrel rifling and that makes a flight with more similar speeds.

Pellets Weihrauch MAGNUM Cal. 4.5 mm - 0.69 grams of weight

236 m/s ------ 19.1 joules

236 m/s ------ 19.1 joules

238m/s ------ 19.5 joules

237 m/s ------ 19.3 joules

Average Speed: 236.75 m/s - Average Energy: 19.25 joules

Spectacular increase in the energy of the shots with a significant increase in the speed of the same with respect to the immediately previous pellet of similar weight. This HW Magnum pellet is very heavy but, perhaps for this reason, it makes good use of the thrust of the compressed air and, due to its high weight, makes the energy reach high levels. Pellet highly recommended for all 24 joules compressed air guns (FAC).

JSB RS pellets cal. 4.52mm 0.48 gram weight

283 m/s ------ 19.2 joules

286 m/s ------ 19.6 joules

283 m/s ------ 19.2 joules

281 m/s ------ 18.9 joules

284 m/s ------ 19.4 joules

283 m/s ------ 19.2 joules

Average Speed: 283.33 m/s - Average Energy: 19.25 joules

This pellet, due to its low weight with respect to the previous two, produces a huge increase in speed with which it reaches energies similar to those obtained with heavy pellets but based almost exclusively on the "Speed" variable. It has a very good constancy of projectile speed which maintains a good level of energy but we doubt its stability when flying at such a high speed with such a low weight, it is possible that the rifling is not 100% good. We'll have to test it on the shooting range.


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