Weihrauch HW 90 Air Compressed (Gas...
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM
Weihrauch HW 90 Cal. .22" GAS RAM

Weihrauch HW 90 Air Compressed (Gas RAM) FAC Cal. .177-.22

Weihrauch barrel 500 mm long, striped. Cal. .177 - .22  Constant velocity of pellet. Fine adjustable trigger, adjustable open sights, guides for optical scoppes , split barrel - air compressed by Gas Ram  - WORDLWIDE SHIPPING

  • 4,5 mm (.177)
  • 5,5 mm (.22)
  • 6,35 mm

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Weihrauch HW 90

  • The Weihrauch HW 90 GAS RAM is one of the best compressed air rifles on the market. This weapon does not use a spring to compress the air that will propel the projectile, really when we operate the barrel to compress the propellant, what we compress is the air contained in a tank, we do not compress a spring. When we shoot this weapon what we do is not allow a spring to distend, what we do is allow the air we have compressed to return to its normal volume.
  • The trigger of this carbine is especially smooth, with an easy and very clean exit which allows unusual groupings in classic air rifles.
  • Although the recoil of the rifle exists, it is not as high as the recoil of a classic spring rifle which makes firing with this weapon much more pleasant than if we use spring rifles that usually have higher recoils than the system. GAS RAM that concerns us. The weight of the weapon is also studied so that the recoil of the shot is diminished as much as possible. The truth is that a seasoned shooter does not lose sight of the weapon after shooting, as with a classic spring rifle with 24 Joule energy if it happens, almost inevitably.
  • The aiming system with different sigth points (tunnel with changeable rings) and 4 different rear sight (four-position turn-key) is focused on obtaining a precise weapon capable of competing at the highest level.
  • Its propulsion system of the pellet, always at the same pressure, there is no spring that can be deformed, allows, say, theoretically, that this rifle always prints the same speed to the balin for a long time that passes through it and many shots that are made with the same.
  • In case of loss of pressure due to possible dissipation of the air contained in the tank, the rifle can be filled with pressurized air with a special pump that is manufactured by the Weihrauch house and that we offer on this website. The necessary pressure gauge is also available to know that the pressure in the air tank is adequate.
  • The Weihrauch HW 90 rifle is a bridge weapon between classic spring-loaded air rifles and PCP (pre-compressed air) rifles, with many of the advantages of some and many of the advantages of others added in it, the excellent performance of the Weihrauch house carry this rifle to be one of the best compressed air weapons ever made. With the HW 90 rifle, you probably have in your hands the best of pneumatic weapons technique developed in recent years.
  • Propulsion system: GAS-RAM system of the English house Theoben.
  • Equipped with adjustable precision trigger "Elite" with automatic safety.
  • Caliber: .177"- 22"  
  • Power: FAC in both calibers.
  • High precision rifled Weihrauch barrel
  • Beechwood stock with an ambidextrous shape with excellent finishing quality.
  • Automatic insurance
  • Excellent balance of weights
  • Rear sight (with four different positions) and sight point with tunnel with changeable aiming circles.
  • Barrel length: 500 mm
  • Total length: 1150 mm
  • Weight: 4 Kg

(The price of the rifle does not include the image scope)

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