Weihrauch HW 97K
Weihrauch HW 97K
Weihrauch HW 97K
Weihrauch HW 97K

Weihrauch HW 97K


This is the perfect carbine for precise and powerful shooting up to 50 meters. You will not need to work with the pump, nor have to buy a compressor, you will not need hoses or connectors, you will not need any of all those problems, just pellets and the desire to have fun - The HW 97K IS NOT A PCP RIFLE BUT MANY PCP RIFLES WOULD LIKE TO SHOOT LIKE THIS CLASSIC SPRING WEIHRAUCH RIFLE SHOOTS, PURE PRECISION AT 50 METERS - WE SHIP WORLDWIDE

  • 4,5 mm (.177)
  • 5,5 mm (.22)

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  • Original Weihrauch Match quality rifled barrel.
  • Fixed barrel with linear locking block.
  • Loading of the weapon by independent lever under the barrel.
  • "Rekord" trigger with two times, adjustable.
  • Cal. .177 or .22 (to choose)
  • Power: The rifle is offered in two powers: 16 or 20 joules (approximately). You can choose the power of the rifle when making the purchase in this electronic store.
  • Power: FAC (It is the maximum power that a spring rifle can reach, it varies a lot with the pellets used).
  • This rifle, in 4.5 or 5.5 mm caliber and FAC power, can group shots from 50 meters away into 10 of a precision target. It can also go through the two walls of a can of edible sheet metal without ruffling, then hitting the rear shoulder of land located 20 or 25 meters behind, with good residual power.
  • Stock made of beech wood with decorative segrids to facilitate grip.
  • Glossy black bluing finish.
  • Shot recoil stabilizing muzzle at the front of the barrel.
  • Automatic safety every time the weapon is loaded.
  • 11 mm guides for mounting aiming systems.
  • Overall length: 1020mm
  • Weight: 4.00 Kg
  • Can be fitted with a Weihrauch original sound muffler
  • Warranty against manufacturing defects: 2 years
  • Repair service covered in Spain by armasayala.com and by the Weihrauch house in Germany.

What caliber to use? 4.5 or 5.5 mm?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when buying an air rifle. The answer is almost always the same: "It depends on what you want to do with the rifle. If it is about precision use the 4.5mm caliber and if it is about "other things" use the 5.5mm caliber" but the truth is that this is not a totally truthful answer. I explain:

A Weihrauch HW 77, HW 97, HW 80, HW 95 etc. rifle. I don't care about the model, they all shoot very well, at the same shooting distance and with FAC power in both calibres, it makes perfect groups in the hands of a shooter who knows how to do it. It doesn't matter which caliber we use, the two calibers combine perfectly. If the power is lower, that is, 16 joules, the result is exactly the same even at the same distance and also in both calibres. The projectile will curve more in its flight, to be sure, but the accuracy will be just as impeccable. We will have to be, yes, a little more careful with the wind using 16 joules of energy than using FAC but, we will have other advantages such as less vibration when shooting (less sight image is lost when you shoot), less problems with the viewfinders ( suffer less and break less), less effort to load the weapon, greater durability of the rifle, possibility of using slightly lighter pellets (0.547 g) and with softer alloys, etc.

We are talking about a shooting distance between 40 and 50 meters, which is not a small thing...

Shoot with a 4.5 mm caliber FAC spring rifle that gives about 21 or 22 joules (more or less) with HW F&T Sport/H.N Field Target Trophy pellets (they are the best for this type of rifle at that power). that weigh 0.56 grams at a distance of between 40 and 50 meters with a well-anchored optical aiming system with HW/Dampa mounts and Weihrauch or similar scopes and hit all or almost all shots between 9 and 10 of the target precision is perfectly possible, the rifle allows it.

If we make that same shot with the same model of rifle, with the same pellet but in 5.5 mm caliber and with the same FAC power (about 22 joules as well), although the shot will take a bit more of a parable due to the greater weight of the pellet, the truth is that the impact is just as accurate as with the smaller caliber pellet. A normal shooter or a good shooter who is not outstanding, I doubt that he will notice the difference in calibers, I don't notice it (although I am not a good shooter), the shots are perfectly grouped in the center of the target if the environmental conditions They are the ideal ones and if we make things very clear.

Everything said above for FAC rifles is equally valid, in both calibers (4.5 and 5.5 mm) and at the same distance (40 to 50 meters) for rifles that work at 16 joules of power (energy).

Therefore, to the question of what caliber to buy? The most logical answer, in my opinion, is: Whatever you like, the result, if it is a Weihrauch brand rifle, will be good, sure, and you will group the shots very well up to 50 meters with the two calibres. You can shoot from a greater distance and it is possible to hit, we have made good groupings up to 75 meters away with an HW 77 rifle, but at those distances, external phenomena (wind, temperature, light, etc.) greatly influence the results of the shooting. shot becoming these very random. We understand that 50 meters for a spring-loaded air rifle or Gas RAM is already a very long distance and at more than those meters it makes no sense to shoot, at least it is not the most recommended.

The HW 97K is considered a special rifle for long-distance, high-precision shooting modalities such as Field Target. It is also used for selective hunting due to its extraordinary precision at distances of up to 50 meters.

If you want to have a rifle capable of picking up ten of the precision target at 50 meters, buy an HW 97K rifle and mount a Weihrauch 3-9x40 optical sight on it, with the appropriate mounts (use only Weihrauch/Dampa monoblock mounts from 4 screws with anti-vibration system).

The trigger comes from the house conservatively regulated to avoid random shots in uninitiated users but it can be fine-tuned by turning the screw for this purpose (it is next to the trigger) leaving it with a very smooth release which will facilitate the precision of the rifle. To operate safely, read the instruction book that comes with the weapon, it is very illustrative and very helpful. !CAUTION! Do not sharpen the trigger too much; the shots may escape or prevent the weapon from mounting.

The metal finishes can be in pavón black (deep and well worked) or in a matte stainless finish with the already customary good quality finish of Weihrauch products.

The safeties of these weapons are always mounted automatically every time we activate the mounting lever, it is a security required by the laws of the country where they are manufactured.

In the front part of the barrel there is a kind of muzzle that is really a deflector of the air of the shot that serves so that it is deflected backwards, angularly, through some outlets placed for this purpose, once the pellet has left the barrel of the weapon. and thus avoid the production of turbulence in the mouth of fire that can produce variations in the trajectory of the projectile.

Weihrauch makes a special sound suppressor for this rifle that is quite effective and easy to mount directly.

The guides to mount the optical sights are 11 mm, they are well elaborated and allow to correctly hold the claws of the mounts.

The bar to mount the weapon is held in the front, under the barrel by a pawl system that prevents it from moving when not in use.

The pellet loading system is manual, when mounting the rifle (by lowering the mounting lever) the large linear bolt moves backwards and exposes the chamber of the barrel, where we have to insert the pellet directly with hand.

(Accessory items such as scopes, silencers etc. not indicated on this website as included in the sale price of the weapon are not included in the sale price of the weapon.)


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