Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44
Weihrauch HW 44

Weihrauch HW 44 (High Power 18/24 joules)

Weihrauch 247 mm rifled barrel, cal. 4.5 mm (.177") or 5.5 mm. (.22"), adjustable sights, adjustable fine trigger, Power: FAC, semi-anatomical handle, multi-rotary loader, Weaver guides for scopes, regulated gun - WORDLWIDE SHIPPING

  • 4,5 mm (.177)
  • 5,5 mm (.22)

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The HW44 is the new Weihrauch PCP pistol. If you have an HW110, this new gun will seem very familiar to you, in fact. The polymer action, the loading lever, the release of the charger and the lock, the pressure indicator and the filling system are the same. The side mounting lever can also be removed and changed to the other side. The HW44 is completely ambidestro.

  • The grip is semi anatomical and non-slip, very comfortable, it adapts to both the left and right-handed shooters, it is easy to grip and easy to aim, the semi-anatomic grip helps enormously.
  • Well-balanced weapon does not become heavy on the head
  • Trigger with two times, adjustable.
  • Shooting output very smooth and without vibrations
  • Excellent accurazy
  • Charger capacity 10 shots.
  • Quick-fill compressed air cartridge for 200 bar.
  • Weapon with regulator to maintain the speed of the projectile.
  • Pressure gauge air pressure indicator on the front of the tank
  • Cal. .177 (18 joules power or Cal. .22 (24 joules power)
  • Weaver guides for mounting aiming systems.
  • Barrel guides for mounting accessory elements
  • Micrometrically adjustable open sights installed at the factory (rear sight and sight point).
  • Total Length pistol – 337 mm
  • Barrel Length - 247 mm
  • Filling pressure maz. (bar) – 200 Bar (200 FAC rated)
  • Free vibration shot release
  • Fast and easy repeating
  • Moderator and scope against extra charge

There is also a moderator available for the HW44 at an additional cost. 

(accessory items not expressly indicated as included in the price of the weapon are not included in the price of the weapon)

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