Shipping Policy

We work with the following carriers:



Shipping Terms:

1. Shipments will be made through the aforementioned transport companies or the postal service and according to the system that Armería Ayala uses regularly and indicates on its website.

2. The costs of packing, customs handling, etc. are those that stipulate the system automatically in each purchase and will always be in charge of the buyer.

3. The payment of transport and other expenses arising from the dispatch of the goods, whatever their destination, will always be on behalf of the buyer, the payment of transport and other expenses arising from the shipment of goods for returns to Armory AYALA either by The reason (return for failure, return without special reason, return by mistake etc.) will always be on behalf of the buyer, shipping costs (freight, customs fees etc.) for faults that need to be repaired (Both in guarantee and without it), will always be on account of the buyer.

4. In the case of faults in a proven guarantee or for special reasons in which it is necessary to do so, prior agreement between the customer and AYALA Armería, the shipping costs will be returned to the customer if he had previously made them effective. In order for the value of the transport to be returned to the customer, it must be carried out by the means of transport expressly indicated by AYALA Armería, other means of transport are not valid other than those expressly indicated by AYALA Armería.

5. The merchandise travels insured according to the Spanish laws, in the amount and conditions that the same require or those that apply the international means of transport like the Spanish Post Service.

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