Baikal MP-654 K24 INOX
Baikal MP-654 K24 INOX
Baikal MP-654 K24 INOX
Baikal MP-654 K24 INOX

Baikal MP-654 K24 INOX

The original pistol Makarov from the russian army made by the Baikal brand in Russia. An excelent reproduction in caliber 4,5 mm with INOX finish. Double trigger (DA) and simple action (SA). The hammer can be mounted with the hand. Powerfull and accurated shot. Multishot magazine for BB nickel pellets in caliber 4,5 mm. - WORLDWIDE SHIPMENT 


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The CO2 replicas of the Makarov pistol manufactured by the Baikal house of Russia that Suministros AYALA sells, fully respect the shape, concept and finish of the original Makarov pistol, in fact Baikal is the manufacturer of the same original Makarov pistol in caliber 9 mm Makarov.

The Makarov pistol is a military / police weapon and its completion is that of a Russian military weapon, that is, they are not sports weapons (much more elaborate than military weapons because they are aimed at a demanding public that buys and pays because they want to do so ). These pistols are weapons with elemental finishes aimed at fulfilling a specific purpose (which is not sport shooting) and their CO2 replicas are exactly the same in everything, in fact, that is the attraction they have for true collectors, their total authenticity.

In a Baikal MP-654K 24 pistol (Makarov) EVERYTHING is authentic, even the way the weapon is disassembled.

Double Action (D / A) and / or Single Action (S / A) Trigger, it can be used in both ways, (the hammer can be mounted directly by hand).

Propellant: 12 gram CO2 capsules mounted on removable cassette (takes the place of the magazine on the real gun).

Pistol with left side flap safety on the slide to actuate without undoing the handle of the weapon.

The Baikal MP-654 K 24 slide is rear-mounted, by hand, like any real weapon. With this movement, when going backwards, the trigger is mounted and the weapon is ready to fire.

Manufacturer: Baikal (Russia)

Caliber: cal. 4.5mm (.177)

Manufacturing material: steel with nickel-plated finish.

Black synthetic material grip

Ammunition: Lime balls. 4.5 mm nickel or lead.

Magazine capacity: 13 balls caliber 4.5 mm

Weapon weight: 730 g

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