BLUETOOTH Module for LMBR Chronographs
BLUETOOTH Module for LMBR Chronographs
BLUETOOTH Module for LMBR Chronographs

BLUETOOTH Module for LMBR Chronographs

BLUETOOTH module for LMBR chronographs. Module valid for all LMBR chronographs (R2 and R2H models) that can be purchased in this electronic store - Using this module you will connect the LMBR chronograph to your mobile phone and in this way you will be able to obtain all the readings of the shots you make on your device phone without having to get closer to see the reading of each shot. You will be able to observe all the readings of the series of shots on your mobile device even if you are located 50 or 60 meters from the chronograph. It is an ease of use especially indicated for chronographies and tests of weapons and ammunition - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING


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The LMBR brand Bluetooth module allows the brand's chronographs to be connected to a smartphone to display a chronography of each shot on the mobile. In addition, this timeline can be sent to other devices with the "share" function of the mobile application.

The Bluetooth Module couldn't be easier to attach to chronographs,

  • Attach the module to the back of the chronograph.
  • turn on the chronograph
  • Link the chronograph with your mobile with a button and READY!

The Bluetooth Module is compatible with the indicated LMBR model R2, R2H and R2A chronographs with Bluetooth compatibility

Compatible with Android devices

The price only includes the BLUETOOTH connection module, the chronograph is sold separately.

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