Weihrauch 4x32P Scope Set + HW Dampa...
Weihrauch 4x32P Scope Set + HW Dampa...

Weihrauch 4x32P Scope Set + HW Dampa anti-vibration mount (Special for spring rifles)

WEIHRAUCH 4x32P scope set + Weihrauch Dampa mount with "Silent Block" anti-vibration system. Good optical quality, you can see it very clearly. Smooth and precise operation, ideal for spring-loaded air guns and Ram Gas - Easy and quick to focus on the target, allows you to find targets quickly without the need for prior training. Very clear viewing at all shooting distances - PERFECT FOR HUNTING - WE SHIP WORLDWIDE

The scope is shipped with the mount installed and leveled for use on standard, spring-loaded, or Gas RAM air rifles. To easily install the assembly, you just have to insert the claws of the mount into the guides of your rifle, place the assembly at the most comfortable distance from your eyes and tighten (with force but without exaggeration) the four screws. Allen head that holds the assembly. The scope will be ready for use, you will only have to adjust the shot with the height and drift wheels for this purpose.

With this aiming system you will be able to adjust the shot with precision and you will see that the scope will not move with the shots, it will not jump, it will not go out of regulation and it will not break.

The parallax adjustment of the scope is used to (roughly) find out the distance at which a target is. It is a useful function if you intend to shoot outside the usual range that we use. For example, if we normally shoot at 25 meters and for whatever reason we want to shoot at a more distant object, the parallax adjustment will allow us to have an idea of the distance at which the new target is and thus be able to correct the shot. raising the crosshair of the sight somewhat. The distance is read at the coincidence of the point that appears under the graduated scale on the front ring of the scope and the numbering on the scale.

The determination of the distance is achieved when, when looking through the viewfinder and rotating the front graduated scale slowly, there is a point at which both the crosshair of the viewfinder and the image of the new target are correctly and clearly seen.

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  • Weihrauch optical scope of 4 magnifications by 32 mm diameter of the muzzle. Specially made for spring rifles.
  • Visor appropriate for shooting in general. Very useful especially for hunting. It is light in weight, focuses quickly and easily, and is very easy to use.
  • Very clear vision and very bright. Good optical quality.
  • Weight: 435 grams
  • Length: 310mm
  • 25 mm diameter (.1") tube

Superb performance on Weihrauch spring rifles when used with the original Weihrauch/Dampa 4-bolt anti-vibration mount.

A Weihrauch scope is an optical device specially made for use on spring rifles. So that the scope does not move continuously with the shots or goes out of adjustment every few shots, it must be used with the Weihrauch/Dampa 4-screw mount with anti-vibration system specially designed for it.

The 4 magnification viewfinder is sufficient for a shot at a medium distance of between 25 and 50 meters at medium-sized objects such as a soda can or similar for a normal shooter. A soda can never misses a shot, even from 50 meters away, but of course, this depends a lot on the shooter.

The luminosity of the Weihrauch scope and its quality of vision make it very easy to aim it, the target is quickly found, you don't have to go looking for it and once focused it doesn't move. We can say that it is an optical aiming system designed for the most common recreational shooting among users, that is, shooting at various targets at different distances and in various positions. A 4 magnification viewfinder allows you to shoot standing, sitting, lying down, etc. without making it impossible to make the weapon stay still as is the case with high magnification scopes that are only valid for shooting VERY supported.

High magnification scopes, as a general rule, are not scopes designed for spring weapons (they are for PCP weapons) and sooner than later they will end up breaking on a spring rifle, apart from the fact that they will never stay still and with each shot they will vary the regulation which will make the use of the viewer impossible.

We read on some internet sites that a quality spring air rifle such as a Weihrauch HW 97K, for example, must mount a scope of 16 to 24 magnification minimum and that if this is not the case, shooting will not be possible. That is a mistake on the part of those who make such a claim simply because scopes at this high magnification are generally not designed for spring-loaded rifles and will continually lose adjustment or break.

The Weihrauch/Dampa mount prevents the vibration of the shot from fully reaching the viewfinder because it rests on rubbers that dampen the vibration of the rifle, preventing it from fully reaching the viewfinder. The visor, likewise, must be special and must be designed and manufactured in a very robust way so that it can withstand the part of vibration that, inevitably, will reach it even if Dampa mounts are used.

Conclusion, for spring rifles you have to use scopes specially made for them, with not too many magnifications and with special mounts. Everything else is desire to have problems

(The Weihrauch Dampa mount that appears in the image is not included in the sale price of the scope)

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