Weihrauch 3-9x40P Scope (special...
Weihrauch 3-9x40P Scope (special...
Weihrauch 3-9x40P Scope (special...
Weihrauch 3-9x40P Scope (special...

Weihrauch 3-9x40P Scope (special spring rifles)

Weihrauch 3-9x40P scope. Special scope for spring air rifles and Gas RAM. On a PCP system rifle, use directly with the mounts that come included with the scope (two pieces). For Spring or Gas RAM rifles, mount to Weihrauch/DAMPA 4-bolt mounts with anti-vibration system that you can buy in this same e-shop - WE SHIP WORLDWIDE

 THE WEIHRAUCH SCOPE + HW/Dampa MOUNTS SET is valid for use even on high-powered rifles (up to 24.2 joules of energy) 


The Weihrauch scope is a robust and well-built optical device, specially designed to withstand the recoil and vibrations of air rifles provided they are mounted on the original Weihrauch / DOMPA four-bolt, damped mount. The scope has good optical quality, it can be seen very well through it and its mechanisms work smoothly and precisely, it is a good scope, ideal for shooting with PCP, spring or GAS RAM air rifles.

The Weihrauch scope has parallax adjustment to be able to calculate the necessary parabolas in order to modify the shot depending on the new distances that are presented to us. Very suitable for long-distance shooting at various targets with frequently varying distances. With this scope, a good Weihrauch rifle and well positioned in a dominant place we can control a large area of ​​land, everything that our rifle is capable of reaching with precision and sufficient power.

The Weihrauch visor adjusts the height and the lateral drift of the impact with respective turrets dedicated to it, the parallax adjustment is controlled with the front wheel, in the mouth of the visor. It has a one inch diameter (25mm) tube of good construction. Supplied with two-piece mounts, valid only for PCP rifles, they are included in the price and fulfill their role correctly in a PCP, for spring rifles always use Weihrauch / DOMPA monobloc anti-vibration mounts.

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