TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...
TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless...

TAU Brno CZ Mk8 Pistol (Stainless Finish)


TAU Brno CZ Mk8 (PCP) pistol cal. 4.5 mm special for Competition in the 10 meter Air Pistol modality of the ISSF - SHIPPING TO ALL THE EEC 

(Official after-sales service and maintenance provided by Suministros AYALA - (SPAIN))


The TAU Brno CZ Mk08 pistol is a weapon designed to achieve maximum performance in high-level ISSF competitions. Its special characteristics satisfy all the demands of elite athletes in the sport.

WARRANTY AND SAT: The TAU Mk08 pistol is serviced in Spain by our company with original materials for any breakdown or repair and has a two-year warranty from the date of the sales invoice (for the first buyer).

The TAU Brno CZ Mk08 has an anatomical walnut wood handle with a height-adjustable heel pad that can be moved up and down using two Allen head screws. The handle is notched to prevent slipping and is designed to achieve the perfect shooting position, you just have to be guided by its design when placing your hand. This grip prevents you from holding the gun incorrectly. Place your hand as the handle allows and indicates and you will have this issue resolved.

Fine mechanical trigger adjustable in all variables: First stroke travel, sear exit travel, trigger weight, projectile speed and trigger shoe position. The weapon is delivered with a fine regulation of origin adapted to the ISSF regulations.


DO NOT USE FORCE AT ANY TIME TO ADJUST THE TRIGGER OF THE GUN and do not apply very long actions on the screws, act very little at a time on the screws. The trigger of this pistol is a delicate and very well manufactured mechanical part that has very fine adjustments that must be respected.

To obtain a correct regulation you need to have a 0.500 gram terrestrial trigger weight and a good quality chronograph to measure the speed of the pellets.


First - How to adjust the travel of the first stroke of the trigger: (Operate very carefully) With the Allen key that comes with the gun, the thin and long one, act on the screw that appears on the front of the trigger support guide (trigger), if you press it to the left (+ symbol in the drawing), the travel of the first stroke will increase. If you move it to the right (symbol - in the drawing), the travel will decrease. If you turn the screw excessively to the left, the gun will not mount, the sear will not engage, turn the screw in the opposite direction until the sear engages again. The ideal is to maintain an average first time like the one the weapon comes with in the original regulation.

To access the three adjustment screws that appear on the back of the TAU Mk08 pistol's receiver, you must remove the pistol grip by removing the screw that holds it to the weapon, located at the bottom of the grip.

Second - How to regulate the speed of the projectile: (Operate very carefully) Act on the screw with a stripe head that appears in the highest part of the rear of the weapon's receiver. If you turn to the right the speed of the projectile will increase and if you turn to the left it will decrease. The gun comes factory set with an ideal speed of between 150 and 160 m/s, it is not advisable to modify it. You should know that if you increase the speed of the projectile too much you will have problems getting the trigger to engage. To know what the speed of the projectile is in order to make an adjustment, you must use an LMBR chronograph that you can find on this website.

With this weapon, use only match pellets (flat head) of good quality and weighing 0.50 to 0.55 grams, they are ideal for competition weapons in this type of shooting.

Third - How to regulate the weight of the trigger: (Operate very carefully) Act on the central Allen head screw using the Allen wrench that comes with the gun. If it turns to the right the weight necessary to disengage the sear will increase and if it turns to the left it will decrease. The minimum weight allowed by the organization that controls the sport of shooting worldwide, the ISSF, in an air pistol for the "10 meter Air Pistol" modality, is 500 grams. The weapon is delivered with the trigger adjusted for that weight so that it can pass weapons tests in any competition.

Fourth - How to adjust the sear engagement (sear travel): (Operate very carefully) Using the Allen key that comes with the gun, on its longest part, act on the Allen head screw that is located in the deep part of the lowest hole that appears in the receiver, the third hole from the top. Make sure that the wrench is well inserted into the internal screw and act, VERY SLOWLY, on the screw to reduce the engagement if we turn to the right and to increase it if we turn to the left. The ideal coupling is one that allows a very fast, instantaneous release, once we activate the trigger pressure point, if the release is long and has a travel after the pressure point it is necessary to correct it so that it is shorter, otherwise , the shots will be imprecise because the shot will occur at the wrong time, with a delay and outside of our intentions. Operate very slowly and very carefully, just 1/4 turn on this screw is usually enough to get the desired results.

Fifth - The position of the trigger shoe can be modified by acting on the shoe and making it move up and down to modify the height or by rotating it to modify the position. The trigger is inserted in a mobile support that moves along a guide. By acting on the screw that keeps the assembly fixed, loosening it slightly, we can make the trigger move along the guide so that it is easier for us to place the tip of the finger that is going to fire. In order for the shot not to be erroneous, the finger must reach the trigger with a certain measurement, neither forced too much nor too short, the force vector that is applied is parallel to the axis of the barrel of the weapon and does not modify the laterality or height.

Large rear sight, with fine adjustment in height and windage using micrometric adjustment wheels. The adjustments are made directly by operating the wheels for this purpose. To know how to act, you can guide yourself by the drawings that appear engraved on the sight itself, on its flat part.

Rear sight window with variable width by external Allen screw action with + or - indications. In order to activate this screw and modify the width of the window, you must first loosen the two rear screws that keep the rear sight plate fixed. Once the width of the notch in the plate has been adjusted, these two screws must be tightened again to avoid unwanted movements. Both the screw that regulates the width and the screws that fix the plate are manipulated with the same Allen key supplied with the gun.

Front sight mounted on flash hider with three deflector chambers. The sights are changeable and rotatable to modify lights. Three different sights are supplied with the pistol. To change them you just have to loosen the small front screw that holds them.

MATCH quality barrel with grouping less than 5 mm in diameter for 10 shots at 10 meters with the weapon held on the bench.

Easy loading system for the hand that is not holding the weapon in order not to undo the grip of the pistol once the optimal grip is reached.

Compressed air tank, separable, for up to 300 bars of pressurized air with indicator pressure gauge on the front of it.

Weapon regulated so that the speed of the projectile remains stable throughout the entire cylinder pressure range, from 300 to 100 bars.

Dry fire button: Located on the side of the gun body, it swings from one side of the gun to the other and is used to fire without the shot being produced (without air outlet). It is a mechanism intended for training the shooter regarding the essential fact of learning to release the trigger without the pistol suffering unwanted movements that impair the accuracy of the shot. The button can only be operated from one side to the other when the weapon's trigger is mounted and the bolt is open. If the button comes out on the right, when firing, air escapes, that is, a complete shot. If the button is located on the left side of the weapon, when firing only the trigger is released but the full shot is not produced, this is the necessary posture to practice "dry fire" training.

Pressurized air cylinder: This is a high-quality aluminum container intended to contain the compressed air that the weapon will use to shoot; it is the propellant for the shot. It supports up to 300 bars of pressure without reducing its operating capacity, although it is highly advisable not to load it at more than 200/220 bars, for ease of operation and better conservation of the tank.

ATTENTION !! Always ensure that the cylinder is perfectly inserted into the body of the weapon. Do not use it without being sure that it has been 100% inserted into the weapon. This will prevent air loss and possible defects in the regularity of the shots.

Basic technical details of the weapon:

  • Power source: 80 ml capacity air pressure tank with pressure gauge, max. 300 bars (30 Mpa)
  • Weapon weight: 975 grams
  • Length of the weapon: 420 mm
  • Weapon width: 48 mm
  • Weapon height: 145 mm
  • Viewing distance: 380 mm
  • Front sights: 3 units with the weapon - 3.5 / 4.2 / 5 mm wide.
  • Rear view: Modifiable between 2.5 - 5 mm
  • Barrel length: 250 mm
  • Front three-chamber compensator.
  • Trigger weight: Modifiable between 200 - 600 grams
  • Caliber: 4.5mm (.177)
  • Speed ​​at the tip of the barrel (V0): adjustable, optimally 160 m / sec.
  • Dispersion - circumscribed Ø 5 mm / 10 m: max Ø 5.5 mm (5 x Diabolo Final Match TAU BRNO CZ)
  • Grip: with adjustable palm rest, left or right, Turkish walnut, CWP Finland.
  • Rear view: open, oversize with height adjustment and drift by micrometric screws.
  • Rear window variable in width.
  • Accessories with the gun: air filling adapter, set of Allen keys, 2 spare front sights.
  • Product warranty: 2 years from the billing date.

DO NOT use below 90 bars of pressure.


Trigger data:

  • Adjustable in length: 25 mm
  • Adjustable in height: 10 mm
  • Adjustable rotation in: 360º
  • First modifiable time between: 0 - 3 mm
  • Second modifiable time between: 0 - 2 mm
  • Trigger weight: Modifiable between 1 and 7 Nw
  • Trigger stop: Flexible elastic
  • Available hand grips right and left hand
  • Number of shots per 1 cartridge loaded at 300 bars: maximum 300

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