Weihrauch HW 110 T (laminated wood...
Weihrauch HW 110 T (laminated wood...
Weihrauch HW 110 T (laminated wood...
Weihrauch HW 110 T (laminated wood...
Weihrauch HW 110 T (laminated wood...
Weihrauch HW 110 T (laminated wood...

Weihrauch HW 110 T (laminated wood stock)

Original Weihrauch barrel 600 mm long. Power: 24 joules (regulated weapon). 1/2" UNF suppressor included in the price. Top quality thumbhole-type laminated wood stock. Automatic jump shot multi-shot magazine (10 shots) - Cal.: .177 or .22 - SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

  • 24 julios
  • 4,5 mm (.177)
  • 5,5 mm (.22)
Long Barrel
  • 600 mm

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  • High quality laminated wood stock.
  • Small size weapon with thumbhole stock.
  • Regulator to maintain projectile speed (All shots come out at the same speed, high firing constancy)
  • Weaver guides for mounting aiming systems.
  • Compressed Air quick connector.
  • Super precise automatic jump pellet loader. 10 shots in cal. 4.5 mm and 10 shots in 5.5 mm caliber. (Two magazines per weapon + charge probe are delivered)
  • Latch to ensure correct insertion of the magazine (Avoid placement errors)
  • Large manual safety, ambidextrous (100% safety)
  • Excellent precision, free of vibrations to the shot, fast and easy in repetition, refillable compressed air cartridge for 200 bars of pressure with fast charging system and pressure indicator gauge integrated in the tank.
  • Rifle total length: 1000mm
  • Barrel length: 600 mm 
  • Weight: 3.4 Kg
  • Cal. 4.5 or 5.5 mm
  • Power: 24 joules
  • Adjustable 2-stroke fine trigger.
  • Maximum load pressure: 200 bar
  • Side action lever latch system.
  • Warranty against manufacturing defects: 2 years

Accessories not expressly indicated as included in the price of the rifles are not included in the price of the rifles.

Test and reviews of the precompressed air rifle PCP Weihrauch HW 110 Laminada

"The Weihrauch HW 110 T rifle is a very successful PCP rifle. It is also powerful for the 4.5mm (.177") caliber. The "HARD AIR MAGAZINE" team has loved shooting with this weapon and with it Weihrauch has won another gold medal.

Style, appearance, quality and grip is the first thing to stand out. In addition, the HW 110 carbine has the advantage of shooting well with practically any pellet that we use. This tolerance for accepting a wide variety of pellets is still somewhat unusual among high-end rifles like this one, which is a huge plus for Weihrauch. "

Adaptation of article "Weihrauch HW110 TK Air Rifle Test Review .177 Caliber" from the magazine "HARD AIR MAGAZINE"

"The whole package, reliability, build quality and precision of the HW110 is a great pack. The new laminated stock has transformed what was already an excellent air rifle into a firm favorite."

Adaptation of article "Luxurious laminate" from the magazine "AIRGUN SHOOTER" 

"The action of the regulator is impressive, but the precision and the way in which the pellet arrives are the real stars of this show. With each shot a slight 'tok' will sound and immediately we will have perfect holes in the target with surprising efficiency.  "

Adaptation of article "The Editor’s Test: The latest Weihrauch HW110" from the magazine "AIRGUN SHOOTING" 

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