WEIHRAUCH HW 100T (Laminated Wood)
WEIHRAUCH HW 100T (Laminated Wood)
WEIHRAUCH HW 100T (Laminated Wood)
WEIHRAUCH HW 100T (Laminated Wood)
WEIHRAUCH HW 100T (Laminated Wood)
WEIHRAUCH HW 100T (Laminated Wood)

WEIHRAUCH HW 100T (Laminated Wood)

Weihrauch 600 mm long solid barrel  - Caliber: .177 or .22 - Laminated wooden stock with adjustable cheek piece and butt plate - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

  • 4,5 mm (.177)
  • 5,5 mm (.22)
Long Barrel
  • 600 mm

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Technical data:

  • Heavy and solid barrel for competition, 600 mm long (for 24 joules) or 410 mm long (for 16 joules), with 1/2" UNF thread to mount external suppressors 
  • Overall gun length: 1,070mm (with 600mm barrel) - 975mm (with 410mm barrel)
  • Weight: 3,900 Kg (600 mm gun) - 3,600 Kg (410 mm gun)
  • Cal. 4.5 mm (in 24 and 16 joules) - 5.5 mm (24 joules)
  • Adjustable trigger with two times.
  • 16-shot automatic jump loader in cal. 4.5mm and 12 shots in cal. 5.5mm (2 round magazines are supplied with each rifle).
  • Quick-charge compressed air tank, charging connector included.
  • 11 mm guides to mount aiming systems.
  • Compressed air tank for 200 bars, in steel, with up to 20 years of certification (depending on the manufacturer's conditions).
  • The HW 100 allows the use of interchangeable air tanks, it is designed for this, with which you can have more than one pre-charged compressed air tank for your rifle and use them as needed, a very useful concept for field trips, hunting, etc. We can sell you as many extra deposits as you need. Tanks can be pressure loaded independently of the weapon, they do not need to be mounted on the weapon to load them.
  • Thumbhole stock (with thumb hole)) ambidextrous laminated wood with height-adjustable cheek piece and rear butt plate.
  • Possibility of mounting a single-shot charger for competition (sold on this website).
  • Lateral lever locking system.
  • The HW 100 mounts a pellet speed regulator to achieve excellent shot consistency. All shots, between 200 and 100 bars, of pressure from the compressed air cylinder have the same speed, there are no drops in power because the pressure in the tank drops.
  • The HW 100 has a system installed that prevents the introduction of two pellets in the same shot.
  • Warranty against manufacturing defects: 2 years invoice date
  • Repair service covered in Spain by armeríaayala.com and by the Weihrauch house in Germany.

(Accessories not indicated on this website as included in the price of the weapon, such as the scope that appears in the image, are not included in the price of the weapon).

Barrel Lenght
600 mm
Cylinder capacity
0,175 litros (175 cc)
Weight (unscoped)
3,9 Kg
Available calibres
5,5 (.22)
Palanca lateral
16 ó 12 tiros según calibre
Fill pressure
200 BAR
Seguro de acción manual
Tipo Thumbhole fabricada en madera de nogal.
Target systems
Guía de 11 mm para montar visor óptico.
Overall Lenght
1070 mm

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