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Zbroia barrel wrapped. Cal. .22", repeating rifle 10 shots, adjustable fine trigger. Weaver guides for mounting scopes, power FAC, regulated rifle - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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  • Cal. .22"
  • Weight: 3 Kg
  • Sizes: 805/50/186 mm
  • Tank: 220 cc (300 bar)
  • Loadable pressure: between 130 to 300 bar
  • KOZAZ - PCP Bullpup made in Ukraine by Zbroia.
  • Tinted wood stock with rubber stopper and height adjustable cheek.
  • Quick loading system for charging air compressed in the tank.
  • 10-shot auto jump magazine in cal. .22 and 12 shots in cal. .177
  • Security: Lateral lever lock.
  • Guides system Weaver.
  • Silenced Barrel FSB
  • Pressure Gauge.
  • Factory-installed pellet speed/stabilizer regulator.


The Kozak is one of the most pleasant carbines we have had in the hands for a long time, it has a good finish, good quality of manufacture with good materials, a lot of finishing by hand and many details of weapon of high price, surprises its value in relationship with its termination. The Kozak carbine is very short (805 mm) as an authentic Bullpup, it is not bulky and has a good barrel that does not seem to be as long as it is, the arrangement of the carbine clears perfectly, the barrel is silenced by a wrapper that leaves it almost mute, has a drawer of mechanisms of easy access by lateral hatches with screws, everything in polished steel and pavonado with inserts of brass that give an exotic oriental aspect to him.

The pellet loading system is carried out with a lateral action lever that works perfectly, smooth and precise as few, the pellets are inserted in the chamber of the tube, from a circular magazine attached to the body of the weapon by two balls that is so smooth of strange performance. The loader is repositionable for recharging and is operated by a connecting rod that obeys the movement of the loading lever and drives the teeth of the same by rotating and positioning the pellet in the chamber of the barrel to be inserted by the pusher, all these movements are soft and clean, there are no drags or difficulties of any kind, a delight.

The adjustable two-stroke trigger has a pleasant and precise output, ideal for the precision we are looking for. The trigger guard is metallic and it protects the trigger of blows or accidental actuations, it is not very nice but it complies.

The head is made of dark tinted wood imitating the laminated wood with very soft finish and very well finished, with rubber back edge with engraved mark. The design is spartan, let's say simple, so far Ukraine at least ..., has not stood out for its taste in the design already know ... but the rifle assembles a practical and sufficiently elaborate stock, with system ambidextra thumbhole; Surely a crew in some places would be very good but it does not have it, the whole butt is finished "in soft" and with dark tint which removes the grain of the wood and makes it pleasant.

The rifle assembles a rail type Weaver that puts it in the fashion of the most advanced rifles of the world, is enough high to mount live scopes and its completion is good.

Field tests performed with a rifle cal. 5.5 mm have been very satisfactory, at 40 meters is not missed a target the size of a euro coin, 25 meters in gallery, the pellets are threaded one through the hole of the other with mathematical precision, the barrel that mounts the Kozak rifle, manufactured by Zbroia's own house is very, very accurate, a barrel to take very into account.

Finally, the rifle assembles regulator / stabilizer of the velocity of the ball which makes that the tubular deposit of 220 cc of capacity and 300 bars of working regime gives the projectile a stable speed repeating measurements frequently.

The Kozak is a highly recommended rifle for those who want a good PCP weapon but do not feel like spending a lot of money.

The rifle comes in white carton box with two circular chargers and two air connectors, one for Foster system and the other for 1/8 "thread (this is a detail) brings a small instruction book together with the guarantee and manufacturing certificate.




Trabaja bien con los jsb jumbo y los jsb heavy. buen producto


    Bonito e preciso

    Bonito e preciso

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    Nice rifle

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    Muy bien

    Muy contento con la compra

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    Muy contento

    Contento con la compra

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    Kozak review

    Was shipped fast with tracking to Denmark.
    Packaged securely, and in perfect shape.
    One extra spring was included, i am guessing it is a hammerspring for fac. Side of gun sais 24joule.
    Very happy customer.

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    RE: Foro 1 - Indicaciones - Sistemas Integrados de Gestión

    Excelente carabina, agrupa muy bien con jsb de 14,7 granos. 2 cm a 50 metros, muy buena maquina

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