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ALFA proj airguns ALFA proj airguns


259 mm Alfa Match barrel. Cal. .177". Adjustable fine trigger, micrometrically adjustable sights, adjustable anatomical grip, counterweighted weapon, constant projectile speed - CHOOSE HANDLE ON THE PERSONALIZE BUTTON 

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Alfa Proj Sport Match Pistol: TECHNICAL DATA:

  • Caliber: .177 " 
  • Barrel lenght: 244 mm. 
  • Weight: 924 grs.
  • Total length of the weapon: 397 mm
  • Viewing distance: 387mm.
  • Height of the gun: 165 mm
  • Width of the gun: 49 mm
  • Trigger weight: 500 grs. with two times, with adjustable travel and weight.
  • Training shot system installed.
  • Maximum dispersion for 5 shots at 10meters: 7 mm.
  • Number shots, with full precision, with a propellant load, between 70.
  • Spotlight with lateral lighting control by the "split prism" system.
  • Counterweight by guide under barrel to regulate balance weapon , included.
  • Trigger adjustable in all possible variables, even in height.
  • Anatomical handle made in walnut, with heel adjustable in height.
  • View adjustable micrometrically with regulation in height and in drift.
  • Transport suitcase included in the price of the weapon

1º The pistol is normally sent loaded with gas with a CO2 capsule mounted for the customer to test the gun and especially so that once exhausted the CO2 load - TOTALLY, when removed, the customer can see well in how it goes Mounted capsule, careful !! Goes beyond what is customary, the drill bit should be placed outside.

2º The gun always has two plugs, IDENTICAL, to puncture the gas caps, these plugs, ALWAYS must be used ALTERNATIVELY, IN ANY CASE (and ensure that the inner O rings are not dry, that is to say keep them slightly oiled), doing this As well as fitting them well, it is necessary to screw until the end, that is to say, not transverse or bad mounted, the problem is solved, the pistol is loaded quickly without effort some. The plugs that puncture the capsule are fitted with the pipe wrench that accompanies the weapon, not by hand and are rotated until we hear that, inside the tank, the capsule has been pierced and the cap has come to its place . The hull, ie the metal of the capsule remains inside the tank of the weapon until the gas runs out and we change the capsule to a new one.

VERY IMPORTANT, BEFORE CARRYING UP A NEW CO2 CAPSULE, REMEMBER THAT THE PISTOL MUST HAVE THE MOUNTED TRIGGER (fins of the firing pin assembly carried to the tip of the gun barrel), otherwise the valve of the Gun will remain open and all the gas you enter will exit through the barrel.

4º The pipe wrench is intuitive, it has a projection in the interior, visible to the naked eye, that hooks with a notch in the plug, CAUTION! If ever, you notice that a plug offers a lot of resistance to leave its housing that indicates that there is pressure inside the tank because you have forgotten to empty 100% of the residual gas gun, ALWAYS, before removing a plug, be sure to empty 100 % gas, is emptied by throwing empty shots as safer means.
Barrel Lenght259 mm
Weight (unscoped)914 Grs
Available calibres4,5 mm
MagazineSingle shot
Shots per charge (Cal 0.22)1

Buen arma

arma valida para tiro en galería olímpica


    I like it

    Its a very nice pistol for olympic shooting



      Good One


        bon produit

        bon produit


          Review Alfa Co2

          Compré esta pistola por recomendación de una compañero de tiro. En un principio me atrajo mucho el precio, ¿era posible que una pistola con un precio así pudiera luchar contra las armas de mas alto precio? Pues vaya que sí, puede y lo hace. Al recibirla rápidamente me hice con su funcionamiento, un mecanismo muy sencillo pero muy eficaz. Tras dos semanas de entrenamiento decidí afrentar mi primera competición oficial con ella, y planté cara, vaya que si lo hice, ¡¡¡Segundo puesto!!! Por delante de todas las marcas de alto precio.
          El arma es bonita y cómoda, el maletín cumple su función y el sistema de CO2 proporciona una autonomía increíble. Es una pistola de 10, tanto en calidad como en puntuación.



            The pistol has a high quality and it has comfortable stock

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              ALFAproj (CO2) MATCH - ANATOMICAL GRIP

              ALFAproj (CO2) MATCH - ANATOMICAL GRIP

              259 mm Alfa Match barrel. Cal. .177". Adjustable fine trigger, micrometrically adjustable sights, adjustable anatomical grip, counterweighted weapon, constant projectile speed - CHOOSE HANDLE ON THE PERSONALIZE BUTTON 

              ALFA proj airguns

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