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Shooting glasses with steel frame, lenses holder 37mm adjustable in height and turn position, 37 mm Iris Knobloch(optional), front screen, folding, for the eye that does not act, adjustable height and position. The support screws are metallic, they are not plastic. Adjustable nasal bridge - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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The shooting glasses are essential for the practice of shooting competition with gun or rifle for several reasons but the main thing is that if we do not see correctly, we can hardly do the aiming.

From a certain age, human beings, gradually, lose the ability to focus on two different points located on the same line of sight but distant from each other (weapon sights and target or target). Even if we do not have a visual defect, that is, although we do not need corrective lenses to see the gun's point of view, our eye loses the ability to focus on the target and the gun's point of view. the time, to solve this, we use a diaphragm mounted on the shooting glasses, when we close it we gain definition of the target without losing the definition of the pistol's point of view.

If what we said above, we add some visual defect that makes it impossible for us to correctly see the aiming point of the weapon and forces us to mount corrective lenses, it is clear the need for shooting glasses to support the corrective lens and the diaphragm in the same set .

In addition to this, we use a tilting screen to cover the eye that does not act in the aiming phase of the weapon thus avoiding problems of fatigue because we can keep the eye open even if we do not use it.

The shooting glasses allow you to place the corrective lens well in front of the eye, although we are adopting the shooting posture, which is usually forced, because they allow to rotate on its axis and move the corrective lens in height and side, with it, when we adopt the shooting posture, not at another time, we will be looking where you should look.

Finally, we can also modify the problems derived from ambient light by mounting colored lenses to avoid excessive light and to enhance the contours of the targets on cloudy days, poor in light, or to contrast the objects for a greater capacity of viewing in days opaque.

All the problems that are posed to a shooter with respect to his sight and the ability to see correctly the sights of the gun and target targets are resolved using a pair of shooting glasses correctly, do not forget, the shooting glasses are for a shooter more important than the weapon itself.

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Filter 37 mm POLARIZER

Light polarizing filter of 37 mm diameter, special for shooting glasses - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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